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Hmove left
Jmove down
Kmove up
Lmove right
Operations on Nodes
Ccreate a child node
SHIFT - Ccreate a sibling node
SHIFT - Jmove selection down
SHIFT - Kmove selection up
Xdelete current node
QEnter search mode
FEnter Edit Mode ([TAB] exits)
SSave hierarchy to hulldata.xml
[SPACE]Open/Close non-leaf node
Op Wheel
Wactivate opWheel
W(in opWheel mode) cycle through opWheel ops
[SPACE](in opWheel mode) perform selected op
Any other key(in opWheel mode) exit opWheel
Op Wheel Actions
googlespin google search on current node; results become children of the current node
shareShares the current node (fires up your browser of choice)
Configuration Nodes
/<root>/config/httphandler/<program>default browser path
/<root>/config/httpserver/port/<number>web server port
Special Node Contents
http://<URL>[ENTER] starts up browser with the <URL>
rss://<URL>[ENTER] queries RSS source <URL> and stores results as children of the node